Taking Control of Your Life

Many of us who have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes feel as though this condition has taken over our life. Three years ago when I received the diagnosis I was overwhelmed. All of the horror stories I had heard in the past immediately came to mind. For example the father of three young children who lost a foot to diabetes; the elderly woman whose eyesight began to fail and ended up losing her vision; reports of kidney problems and a host of other indicators that this is a deadly disease.

I was scared “to death” and followed my doctor’s instructions to the letter. I attended

a diabetes clinic where the disease was explained to me. I was also given a nutrition plan and suggestions for making changes in my lifestyle that would help control the diabetes.

I, cialis without prescription of course, was overweight and weight loss was one

of my goals. I became aware of others around me who had this same diagnosis but who were not attempting to change their lifestyle. In fact my younger sister, whose glucose readings were significantly higher than mine, was not making consistent changes in her lifestyle.

I began to wonder if maybe I was over-reacting to the diagnosis. These individuals seemed to be getting along alright. They did not change their eating patterns; were not increasing exercise and so forth. I decided that if I believed the doctor and the nutritionist knew their jobs, then it was up to me to take control of my life or I might become one of the horror stories I had heard about.

Since that time I have made some significant changes in my life. (I have not arrived, but I am on the road.) I have planned a daily walk into my routine. I miss some days but I walk much more frequently than I had in the past. I also have added a snack to my daily meals and try to eat smaller portions more frequently. My goal is five amoxil cheap small meals daily.

Currently in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, I have a small snack at bedtime.

I am searching for appealing low carb menus and recipes to aid in adopting a healthier lifestyle. One menu I found that I like is “Almond Pork Tenderloin,” and 3 color Vegetable Casserole, Almost Better than Sex Cake.

Preparation time for the pork tenderloin is 90 minutes.

Servings (4): Ingredients

1.5 lb Pork, tenderloin, lean, raw
0.5 cup cooking sherry
2 tbsp low sodium soy sauce
0.5 tsp black pepper , ground
2 medium garlic cloves , crushed
0.5 cup ground almonds
1 tsp olive oil
1 cup fresh chopped onion
1 fresh carrots , peeled and diced
1 Celery, stalk, fresh, medium , chopped

Three Color Vegetable Casserole

Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, and pumpkin make this a festive vegetable casserole.



10oz Broccoli, chopped, frozen, 10oz package
1frozen cauliflower, 10oz package
4oz Pumpkin, canned, unsalted (or 1/2 lb fresh pumpkin)
1cup sliced carrots , peeled and pureed
1tbsp olive oil
5tbsp whole wheat flour (or spy flour)
2tbsp Margarine, 80% fat, unsalted
5tbsp buy augmentin Meat Extender
1 1/2cup water (or low-fat milk)
1/2cup light mayonnaise
1/8cup yellow mustard
3egg whites

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: EASY




1 yellow cake mix, 18.5 ounce package
1 cooking spray, for baking
0.5 cup fat free milk
0.25 cup water
0.33 cup canola oil
2 eggs
2 egg whites
1 cup plain nonfat yogurt
1 Pudding, vanilla, instant, 3.5 ounce package (one 4-serving box)
4 oz bar German baking chocolate , grated
0.33 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
0.5 cup amoxil buy chopped pecans

I found these recipes at http://www.dlife.com and sign-up is free.

Theresa Newell

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BURN <a href=buy xanax CALORIES” title=”burncalbkcvr2″ width=”150″ height=”150″ class=”size-thumbnail wp-image-7″ />
Today I want to focus on what we put in the tank (our stomach). My last few blogs have focused on our fitness plan and getting energized. Just as our cars require fuel so does our body. Also, as we have choices in brands and grades of fuel, there is a virtually unlimited variety of food choices available to us.

Our task is to select items that are tasty (things we enjoy) and meet our nutritional needs (adequate combination of protein, carbohydrates, fats, fruits and vegetables). When we combine these two factors it is much easier to stay on our food/menu plan. We also need to remember that our eyes are a factor in enjoying our meals. A dish that is not pleasing to the eye is much less likely to be perceived as appealing.

Those of us who have diabetes know we need to have several small meals per day rather than one or two large ones. We also must regulate our intake of carbohydrates. Keeping these facts in mind, I want to share two dinner menus that I discovered buy amoxil at http://www.diabetic-recipes.com/recipes/mar01_1.3.htm. I will enjoy sending you either of the cialis dosage menu recipes. Just eave a comment with the email address where you wish the recipe sent.

No opt-in is needed to receive either recipe. Just leave your comment indicating which recipe you would like.
Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Greek-Style
Greek Bruschetta
Easy Berry Sherbet
Baked Red Snapper in Parchment with Julienne Vegetables
Quick Raspberry Pudding

Please indicate in your comment buy cheap amoxil which menu and/or recipes you want me to send you. Both of amoxicillin them look appetizing and appealing I am going to try menu 1 this week and will let you know my family’s rating of it.

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