FIGHT DIABETES: Add A Weapon To Your Diabetes 2 War Chest

The Diabetes Sugar Destroyer

This post shares data about another weapon to add to your Diabetes 2 war chest, a natural resource that fights Diabetes 2, and includes excerpts from an eGlobal Health article [].

“Today we wanted to share with you a natural plant ingredient known as The Diabetes Sugar Destroyer.

Gymnema Sylvestre: is a woody climbing plant that grows in the tropical forests of central and southern India.

Gymnema Sylvestre also known as Gurmar improves the effectiveness of insulin, but it also does something really amazing –

***It may actually rejuvenate a non-working pancreas!***

Also called “the sugar destroyer” gymnema can temporarily block the ability to taste sugar when applied to the tongue!
Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, this herb (taken internally) controls blood sugar levels, reduces blood glucose and increases insulin production.
In one study of 22 patients with Type 2 diabetes, all had improved blood sugar control, and all but one were able to cut their drug intake after supplementing with gymnema extract.
If that is not enough, here are a few more benefits of Gymnema;

Reduces or removes the sense taste of sweetness for several hours
Reduces the absorption of glucose into the blood stream
Increases insulin production by the pancreas by repairing tissue
Reduces blood levels of triglycerides and cholesterol
Gymnema is a remarkable herb which can be a huge benefit both to those who truly want to cut down their consumption of sweet foods and lower their blood sugar. Gymnema Sylvestre should be an essential part of your diet, remember these results have been proven over time and have helped many reverse their diabetes.”

This supplement is available through

8X Gymnema Sylvestre Extract Organic – Clinically PROVEN – U.S PATENTED Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Extract, Blood Sugar Support Supplement, 60 Capsules

by Nutrusta


This post focuses on how to stay fit and trim in 2017. Spring has sprung and it is time to refocus our attention on building and maintaining a fit body. The two necessary components are healthy eating and physical movement. What we eat is a major factor in how trim we are.   Our activity level determines our fitness.  As we age not only does our body slow down, but the amount of our physical activity also tends to decrease. It is easy to fall into a routine that includes spending large amounts of time in front of the TV, eating unhealthy snacks, and engaging in little or no physical activity.

Spring is an excellent time to break this pattern and work on enhancing your ‘beautiful you’. In the warmer weather we tend to wear both fewer and more revealing clothing. Thus improved body image can be a great motivator for making a change. However, change is difficult for most of us. Doing something one finds easy, satisfying and pleasurable is easier to maintain than a task we find grueling and challenging. In today’s post I am including two short videos on exercise routines that work well for the elderly or the beginner. As always please clear with your physician before engaging in any strenuous activity program. Try one or both routines. Once you find one that is fun, easy-to-do, and gets you moving, stick with it. Make this a lifestyle change that moves you through every season of the year. Then add a healthy eating program to the ‘beautiful you’ you are enhancing.


  1. Eat a healthy, nutritious, well balanced diet.
  2. Establish and follow a weekly physical activity program.
  3. Make it fun; implement consistently.
  4. Find exercise partner, join a group   or have exercise buddy with whom

I included routines geared toward the elderly in this post as I believe if the seniors can do it, then so can anyone of any age.  This is a starting point for those who have become couch potatoes and want to restart their engines.  Enjoy and have a fun, fit and healthy day.

Theresa Newell


The spoils–healthy body –belong to the victor.

Those of us who battle type 2 diabetes know that our major weapons are diet and exercise. Today I discovered an exercise program that will take the fight to diabetes and train our body to naturally develop coping techniques for managing blood sugar levels. This is an easy to do routine, even for seniors. However, as with any exercise or fitness plan, remember to clear with your doctor. All things never being equal. What is harmless for one may be harmful to another. Please get medical clearance before beginning a program such as this. Another word of advice—start slowly. Just as most cars cannot go from zero to 100 immediately, a sedentary body will take time to develop the stamina to complete a new exercise routine. Have fun! Knock out diabetes 2.

Now add a healthy eating plan to your new you. Check out the menus and recipes below.


How to control/reverse Diabetes 2 : 5 Step Approach


This post is for all who battle Type 2 Diabetes and seek natural ways of defeating and reversing this disease.  I recently ran across a video by Dr. Mark Hyman, which I have included  in this post.  A secret or not so secret, weapon is rye bread, rye pasta and other anti-oxidant foods. [We can use natural foods in our diabetes war chest.] I really enjoy rye bread but generally fall into the habit of buying wheat bread.  After watching Dr. Hyman’s video I will be making rye bread a regular part of my diet.

Those who have been battling diabetes 2 for any length of time have learned that what we eat [diet] and what we do [exercise] are the keys to controlling and reversing this disease. Therefore, the ball is in your court.  It’s your turn to serve.  Take action now.  Become proactive, rather than reactive. You can not reconstruct your lifestyle in one day, but you can do it step-by-step.  Take your first step now.

This post  focused on eating and exercise activities we can implement with low cost and an acceptable output of energy.  However, to win the war against Type 2 Diabetes each soldier must expend some effort and energy.  Join with us today in taking the first step toward defeating Diabetes 2.



Consider these activity programs.